Metzger Collection Vision

Rev. Dr. Fred Metzger had a twofold vision for the Collection (formerly known as the Biblical Museum of Canada): first, to be a creative teaching tool to inform people of the biblical past within the broader context of human history and highlight the Bible’s contribution to both history and society; second, to inspire all people to find meaning in their lives, transcending mere self to help make this world a better place.

Having received the Collection in 2012 and renaming it the Metzger Collection, Columbia Bible College seeks to honour Fred Metzger’s vision for his collection and fulfill his incredible legacy.  The Metzger Collection also fits well into Columbia’s mission to equip people for a life of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to the church and community.

The vision for the Metzger Collection is to bring history, and particularly the biblical past, to life.  As a teaching tool to learn, grow, and find meaning by, the Metzger Collection seeks to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit the artwork and artifacts that make up the Collection in support of Columbia Bible College’s mission and in service to the community of the broader public around us.