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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (and other uncanonized saints of the season)

Today is the American civic holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The actual date is January 15th, which marks his birthday. Typically, it is the date of a saint's death (or birth into heaven) that marks their feast day - especially for martyrs, which King could be considered. Of course, as a Baptist minister, [...]

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The Light of Life – Christmas

“The Light Of Life” follows the story of a certain biblical character who, upon his death, was given a very unique and special gift from God. It narrates a single, overarching story divided into “bite-sized” segments. The story continues with the 2nd segment below. Read the preface and 1st segment here. The Light Of Life [...]

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St. Stephen Day – Dec. 26th (and other notable saints of the season)

Saint Stephen (d. c. 35) is celebrated on Dec. 26th in the Roman tradition and Dec. 27th in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. He is regarded as both Protodeacon and Protomartyr, being the first deacon and first martyr in the early church. Stephen was a Greek-speaking (Hellenistic) Jew, who was one of the seven selected by [...]

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Christmas Sermon Excerpt from Augustine of Hippo (354-430)

St. Augustine in his Cell, by Sandro Botticelli (c. 1445-1510). Replica fresco by Joseph Gabanek. MC 0326 To help us reflect theologically on the mystery of the Incarnation that we celebrate at Christmas, Augustine of Hippo (354-430), with rhetorical brilliance, reflects in a Christmas sermon as follows (Sermon 191.1).   “The Word of [...]

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Christmas Brochure and Christmas Eve & Day Readings

Merry Christmas! We are now entering into the season of Christmas. Here you will find the 2nd of 7 brochures through the seasons of the liturgical year, which include a synopsis of the season, practices, lectionary readings, a benediction, and a children's activity: 2 Christmas Brochure Again, if you come in person to visit the [...]

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