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A Selection in HERstory: Important Women in History You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (But Should)

August 31, 2018 to February 1, 2019

His-tory tends to focus on men to the exclusion and marginalization of women’s voices. This exhibit seeks to even-out some of these ruts of history by putting the spotlight on a selection of women. The 13 women selected (at 11 stations) are not your typical big names, but yet have had tremendous influence on society and lived exemplary lives. They are inspiring stories worth sharing. You may be familiar with a couple of them, or even a handful, but likely not all of them.  Who are these women? … you will have to visit to find out.

More on the exhibit:

This exhibit is not attempting to be representative. For the sake of some parameters, the exhibit is limited to women in the Christian tradition. Even there, while the women selected represent a bit of the chronological scope, they only partially touch the geographical, ethnic, denominational, and vocational diversity of influential women in the Christian tradition.

Inevitably, at the end of the exhibit, you will say, “but what about [so-and-so]?” And so you will have opportunity to give voice to those women in history whom you have found inspiring, writing their names and significance on cards to pin up. Perhaps some of the women mentioned by you will be the basis of a future exhibit: HERstory 2.0.

If you have been touched by one of these women’s stories, be sure to also take home one of the buttons for sale, or collect the whole set.

In encountering such women who have overcome the constraints that their male-dominated societies would place on them, one is encouraged to both recognize the untold HERstories that lie under the surface of history, and to oneself rise above the challenges and obstacles that our own society might place on us, and impact the world around us in powerful ways.

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