Happy Epiphany! Today (January 6th) marks the day of the Epiphany of the Lord, which refers to “manifestation” and particularly highlights the Visit of the Magi in the Western tradition and the Baptism of Jesus in the Eastern tradition. Epiphany is followed by a season of Ordinary Time – often regarded as the Season of Epiphany. Here you will find the 3rd of 7 brochures through the seasons of the liturgical year, which include a synopsis of the season, practices, lectionary readings, a benediction, and a children’s activity:

3 Epiphany and Ordinary Time Brochure

Again, if you come in person to visit the Metzger Collection, we have a physical print-out of the brochure you can take and a Liturgical Calendar Passport that you can gather all the brochures into and get a stamp upon visiting each of the five exhibit seasons that we will be running in the Metzger Collection. Credit goes to Julia Derksen who put all of these together.

Here are the Lectionary Readings for the day of Epiphany

More posts and a video tour are still to come. Visit again soon.