Planning a Field Trip

For school groups, the Metzger Collection offers a world-class museum experience right in your own backyard.  There is really no equivalent in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley that corresponds so closely with school curriculum.  The Metzger Collection especially connects well with:

  • Ancient Civilizations including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome in Grade 7 Social Studies
  • European history through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation in Grade 8 Social Studies
  • As well as more specific classes on topics like Old Testament, New Testament, Art History, etc.
  • The Metzger Collection can also connect well with a wide array of college level courses.
  • In addition to the regular display of the Metzger Collection, we have rotating feature exhibits that highlight different themes and periods of history. Please see the Exhibits & Events tab for current and upcoming feature exhibits.

Field trips can be catered to the needs and interests and topics of focus of each class.  A field trip can include all or some of the following:

  • A guided tour that can cover the whole Collection or focus on a specific topic or time period. Guided tours are interactive and keep the students engaged.  They can run anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours.
  • A scavenger hunt that allows students to engage with the artifacts in a playful way and with a little bit of healthy competition. Scavenger hunts generally can take between 20 minutes and 45 minutes and can cover the whole Collection or a particular section.
  • An assignment related to content covered by the tour and/or on display in the Collection.

Teachers can take it easy and enjoy as the staff of the Metzger Collection lead the field trip experience.

Other Information:

  • The physical space of the Metzger Collection can generally accommodate tours of maximum 25 students at a time. Groups larger than that may be split into two, alternating between a tour and scavenger hunt or open browsing.
  • A field trip during regular open hours is FREE. Please Contact us in advance to book a time and ensure availability for a guided tour.
  • A field trip can be booked outside of regular open subject to availability and costs $50 (+GST = $52.50) for the whole group. Please Contact us to schedule a time.
  • Please see our Hours and Location and Accessibility for more information.